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  • Usable wire coil
  • Supply Voltage
  • Dimensions
  • Usable electrodes MMA
  • Usable electrodes TIG
  • Fuse
  • Hilo utilizable gas
  • Hilo utilizable no gas
  • Protection index
  • Intensity at 60%(100%) a 40ºC
  • Intensity MAX.
  • Standards
  • Regulation board
  • Weight
  • Absorved power max.
  • Motor max power
  • Regulation
  • Duty Cycle at 40ºC
  • Wire feeder rolls
  • Wire speed
  • Ventilation
  • OCV
  • Tecnologies
  • Tecnologies
  • Tecnologies
  • Tecnologies
  • Tecnologies

This combination does not exist.

· Máquina soldar MIG Sinérgico Multiproceso.
· 200 amperios al 45%.
· Conexión 230V-1ph.
· Increíbles resultados en todos los materiales (Acero, Aluminio, Inoxidable, etc.).
· Admite D300 (15kg).
· Incluye pinza de masa.

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Main features:

· Multiprocess welding machine capable of welding using MIG-MAG (with and without gas), TIG Lift-Arc and MMA processes.
· Synergic control of the welding process with preselection of the work to be carried out.
· Arc height control for spatter-free welding
· Adjustable Crater-Filling, for a perfect welding seam finish.
· Ideal for welding with GAP (separation between pieces)
· Possibility of adjustment by wire speed (m/min.) and by current (Amp)
· Real-time reading of voltage (Volt) and Intensity (Amp) during welding. When finished, the equipment shows the average of both parameters.
· Control of the consumption of the yarn used, allowing the cost of each process to be calculated.Possibility of storing up to 10 programs
· Excellent results with pre-loaded programs in the welding of: Carbon Steel (SG3), Stainless (Ss-309, Ss-316), Aluminum (AL-5356, AL-4043), Copper-Silicon (CuSi3), Tubular (Fc-Rutile, Fc-Basic, Fc-316) and Gasless Tubular (E71T-GS)

Intensity at 60%(100%) a 40ºC 170A (130A)
Intensity MAX. 200A
Regulation 20 - 200A (15-24V)
Duty Cycle at 40ºC 45%
Usable wire coil D300 - 15kg
Usable electrodes MMA 1,6mm - 4,0mm
Usable electrodes TIG 1,6mm - 3,2mm
Motor max power 30W
Wire feeder rolls 2R
Wire speed 0.....10m/min
Supply Voltage 230V - 1Ph
Fuse 25A
Absorved power max. 9kva
Dimensions 600x272x380mm
Protection index IP23
Standards UNE EN 60974-1 EN 60974-10 Clase A
Weight 19kg
Ventilation FORCED
Tecnologies Digital , Gas / No gas , Multiprocess , Synergic , TIG lift
Hilo utilizable gas 0,6 - 1,0mm
Hilo utilizable no gas 0,8 - 1,2mm