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  • Usable wire coil
  • Supply Voltage
  • Dimensions
  • Usable electrodes MMA
  • Fuse
  • Usable welding wire
  • Protection index
  • Intensity at 60%(100%) a 40ºC
  • Intensity MAX.
  • Standards
  • Regulation board
  • Weight
  • Absorved power max.
  • Regulation
  • Duty Cycle at 40ºC
  • Wire feeder rolls
  • Ventilation
  • OCV
  • Usable wire coil

This combination does not exist.

· Multiprocess (MIG/MAG - MMA -TIG).
· Wire welding with and without gas up to 0.8mm.
· 230V-1ph.
· Supports D200 (5kg).
· Includes earth clamp and MIG torch.

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The SOLMIG-170 wire machine is a multiprocess equipment (MIG/MAG and Electrode) with Inverter technology, ideal for light work, designed to be easy and intuitive to use.

Their single-phase connection, as well as the possibility of using wire without external gas thanks to polarity inversion, give them enormous flexibility.

Both wire speed/power and arc height can be adjusted, which makes it possible to weld all kinds of thicknesses with very good results.

Intensity at 60%(100%) a 40ºC 90A (77A)
Intensity MAX. 130A
Regulation 20-150A
Duty Cycle at 40ºC 35%
Usable wire coil D100 - 1kg , D200 - 5kg
Usable electrodes MMA 1,6mm - 3,25mm
Usable welding wire 0,6 - 0,8 mm
Wire feeder rolls 2R
Supply Voltage 230V-1ph
Fuse 16A
Absorved power max. 4Kva
Dimensions 490x210x330mm
Protection index IP 21S
Standards EN 60974-1 / EN 60974-10 Clase A
Regulation board SOLMIG DIGITAL
Weight 10.15kg
Ventilation FORCED