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  • Supply Voltage
  • Voltaje de carga
  • Corriente de carga Arith.
  • Protection index
  • Tipo batería
  • Capacidad de carga max.
  • Fuente alimentación
  • Weight
  • Dimensions

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Fully automatic battery charger with stabilized power supply. Connector, cables and Clamps included.

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Power supply and charger for car batteries. Ideal for use in the automotive and industrial field, SOLFLASH 140A 12V HF is a battery charger with high frequency inverter technology, it also works as a backup energy provider (Power Supply).

Ideal for continuously supplying power to keep car headlights on at car dealerships (Showroom functionality), programming electronic control units and changing batteries. LCD touch screen to change the voltage, the type of battery, select the charging amps, display the charging current, the Ah charged and the state of charge of the battery.

Automatic battery charger for 12V batteries of, Acid electrolyte (Wet), Gel, AGM, LFP, Lithium.

Stabilized and safe charging of batteries connected to electronic devices.

Automatic charging, when the charger reaches 100% of the charge, it automatically enters the end of charge (float) mode and keeps the battery fully charged even for long periods of time.

Automatic charge and power supply restoration function in case of power failure.

Charge selection from 3 to 140A in DC.

Stabilized power supply function, (up to 140A) with selection of the voltage supplied to the battery from 12.0V to 15.0V (0.1V step), used to program control units (Electronic Control Units) and battery change.

Usable battery capacity from 30 to 1600Ah.

Overload protection. Automatic protection against reverse polarity.

Voltaje de carga 12V
Corriente de carga Arith. 3 - 140 A
Tipo batería Todos los tipo de baterías de 12V
Capacidad de carga max. 20-1600Ah
Fuente alimentación 140A
Supply Voltage 220-240VAC 50/60Hz
Protection index IP31
Weight 6kg
Dimensions 290x340x130mm