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830.00 € 830.0 EUR Precio con iva: 1004.30 € 830.00 €

830.00 €

  • Supply Voltage
  • Fuse
  • Potencia absorvida 50%
  • Absorved power max.
  • Intensity MAX.
  • Voltaje de servicio (Vmp)
  • Tiempo de soldadura
  • Weight

Dent puller Spot welding Machine with accessories. Trolley not included.

Manual and automatic function.

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The Solspot 5000 is a machine specially designed for repairing car and truck metal bodies of all types of steel and its alloys.

ideal for straightening metal car body sheets and localized heating with a carbon electrode. 

Manual and automatic function. 

Possibility of operating, unique in the market, only with a half welding cycle to avoid damaging or deforming thin sheets.

5 factory pre-installed welding programs.

Accessories included: Kit Studder (Gun with cables and complete kit of dent-pulling accessories)

Spot gun with cable assembled.

Earth cable.

Plastic box including accessories and consumables.

Brass extractor hammer.

Optional: Trolley Code: 10408

Intensity MAX. 1800A
Potencia absorvida 50% 2,0Kva
Voltaje de servicio (Vmp) 8V
Tiempo de soldadura 0,5 - 99
Supply Voltage 230V-1ph
Fuse 8A
Absorved power max. 12Kva
Weight 16kg