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  • Duty Cycle at 40ºC
  • Regulation
  • Intensity MAX.
  • Intensity at 60%(100%) a 40ºC
  • Usable electrodes TIG
  • Usable electrodes MMA
  • Imax
  • OCV
  • Voltage range
  • Absorved power max.
  • Ieff
  • Fuse
  • Supply Voltage
  • Ventilation
  • Weight
  • Regulation board
  • Standards
  • Protection index
  • Dimensions

This combination does not exist.

· Inverter  200Amp al 60%. 

· Equipped with welding accessories and case 

· Valid for generators 

· TIG  Lift-Arc. 

· Digital regulation 

· Antishock DDR construction.

· With the technologies Geolocalisationn 4G, Wifi, Connect & WaaS.

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Main features:

Talking about professional welding is talking about the iCON product line. Due to its patented and innovative DDR construction design, due to its great capacity to work under intensive conditions and demanding environments and due to its unmatched results in terms of reliability and performance, this is undoubtedly the best option for the most demanding professionals.

· Arc stability and control regardless of the electrode-material distance, thanks to regulation by ARCSENSE.
· Double automatic ventilation, acting only when the equipment requires it.
· STAND-BY position, when the equipment is not in operation.
· Equipped with Anti-stick, Arc-Force, HotStart and Lift-Arc (TIG) devices.
· Can be connected to generators with a wide range of working voltages.

Duty Cycle at 40ºC 60%
Regulation 10 - 200A
Intensity MAX. 200A
Intensity at 60%(100%) a 40ºC 200A (140A)
Usable electrodes TIG 1,0 - 3,2mm
Usable electrodes MMA 1,6mm - 4,0mm
Imax 42A
Voltage range 180V - 300V
Absorved power max. 9,5KVA
Ieff 29,7A
Fuse 16A
Supply Voltage 230V - 1Ph
Ventilation DOBLE - AUTO
Weight 6,4Kg
Regulation board SOLTER ICON DIGITAL
Standards EN-60974-1, EN-60974-10
Protection index IP23C
Dimensions 430x175x325 mm